VotingWorks: secure voting for all

US voters overwhelmingly distrust the systems we’re using to run our elections. This is a major crisis. Thanks to critical work by researchers and election officials over the last 20 years, we know what a good voting system should look like. It should offer voter-verified paper ballots and support post-election statistical audits. It should be easy-to-use and accessible to all voters. And it should be affordable, so that states and counties can open as many precincts as needed and keep voter lines as short as possible.

We know this, and yet today’s voting machines are insecure, unwieldy, and so expensive that they’re used three or four times as long as they were designed for. Election officials hunt for replacement parts on eBay. Obsolete machines cannot keep up with emerging security threats. Some states’ voting equipment was designed in the 1990s and deployed shortly after the 2000 election. The market has failed us.

We started VotingWorks to build secure, affordable, and delightful voting machines. We’re a non-profit. We work in the open, building off the great work that’s come before us. We believe in secure voting for all.

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