VotingWorks Accessible Vote-by-Mail

Millions of voters have some significant disability or sensory/motor impairment that can make casting a secret ballot challenging. As vote-by-mail is deployed more broadly, this concern becomes even more accute. VotingWorks Accessible Vote-by-Mail (AVBM) gives voters with disabilities the option to vote privately and independently from the comfort of their own home.

VotingWorks AVBM is secure: ballots are printed at home and returned by mail, never over the Internet. Also, the voter’s selections never leave their Web browser. VotingWorks AVBM is also affordable and rapidly deployable.


Cost should not be a barrier to ensuring all voters can vote privately and independently. VotingWorks AVBM is the most affordable solution available - New Jersey’s cost to use AVBM was half what they paid their previous vendor.

Installation and Configuration

VotingWorks AVBM can be deployed particularly quickly and with minimal effort. In New Jersey we implemented AVBM in 6 days.

There are three main steps:

  1. Configure ballot package (legal language and images) to meet state requirements.
  2. Export ballot style data from state or local source system and import into AVBM.
  3. Add voter information for voters requesting ballots. This can be done manually and does not require a voter registration system integration.

Privacy and Security

VotingWorks collaborates with the academic security community and frequently undergoes third party evaluation and testing. VotingWorks AVBM does not collect information on how voters are marking their ballots. If you are a security researcher and want to learn more please get in touch at

Contact Us

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